3 Ways a Water Softener Improves Your Daily Bath or Shower

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You probably know the practical reasons to get a water softener installed. While there are many good reasons to get a water softener, don't overlook another important reason. Soft water makes bath time more enjoyable, and that can leave you feeling pampered. Here's how soft water improves your daily baths and showers.

1. Soft Water Lathers Much Better

If you've ever tried to make a bubble bath with hard water, you know how difficult it is to get any sudsy lather. When you have a water softener installed in your home, it removes hard minerals from your water so the soaps, bubble baths, and shampoos you use to lather up much more.

This not only saves money on bathing supplies, but it also allows you to relax in a tub full of pampering suds so you can melt away the tension. Plus, your shampoo makes a nice lather that cleans your hair without leaving residue behind.

2. Soft Water Has a Silky Feel

You can feel the difference between soft and hard water. Soft water feels silky and it leaves your skin feeling silky too. When you shower in hard water, your skin may feel tight and dry after you're finished. When you shower in soft water, your skin feels silky and smooth. You may even notice the silky feeling in your hair after you shampoo with soft water.

3. Soft Water Makes the Tub Easier to Clean

If you opt for quick showers rather than long soaks in a tub because you are tired of cleaning scale out of the tub, then you'll appreciate how much easier it is to keep your tub and shower tile clean when you install a water softener.

The problem with hard water is that it leaves scale behind that looks like a film on your tub or tile that collects soap scum. The minerals cover the luster of porcelain and tile too. If you like your bathroom to be shiny clean with no water drops on the faucets and no scale on the tub or shower, then you probably need a water softener so you don't have to scrub away scale all the time just to see the shine underneath it.

A silky and luxurious bath is not the only reason to have a water softener installed, but it's an important one whether you like to take bubble baths or showers. Silky skin and hair make you feel pampered and you can soak or shower as long as you want without worry over having to scrub the tile and tub afterward to get rid of mineral scale.