Use These Techniques To Clearly Show That You're At Home As A Condition Of Your Bail

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Following an arrest, your first priority will likely be to have a loved one contact a bail bonds agency that can put up the money for your bail and get you released from custody. You may be eager to get out of the jail facility, but you should first make sure that you're properly acquainted with the conditions of your bail — which can vary according to the details of your arrest. Failing to follow one of these conditions can result in the revocation of your bail, landing you back in jail for potentially an extended period of time. One common bail condition is that you have to be in your residence overnight. Here are some techniques that you can use to demonstrate that you're in compliance.

Park Your Car In A Visible Location

Bail enforcement agents will randomly check in on you to ensure that you're complying with your bail conditions. Sometimes, the agents will make contact by knocking at your door. In other cases, they'll simply drive past your residence, observing it from a distance, for signs that you're at home. One of the simplest things that you can do is to park your car in the driveway. It's highly visible there, and sends an immediate message that you're at home when you're supposed to be.

Make Smart Social Media Posts

You can be sure that those who are checking about your compliance with the bail conditions will be occasionally monitoring you online. Lots of people make mistakes that can get their bail revoked and result in being back behind bars. For example, "checking in" to a location when you're supposed to be at home suggests that you aren't complying with this condition of bail. Don't be afraid to make smart social media posts that anyone checking in on you will see. For example, a post about watching a movie with your family is another indicator that you're at home when you're supposed to be.

Leave Your Drapes Open

A house with the drapes shut suggests that the homeowner wants privacy, and that's OK. But, it can also potentially suggest to anyone checking in on your bail conditions compliance that you're not being transparent. When you're at home in the evening, consider leaving your front drapes open. Anyone watching from afar will see you moving around inside your home, and this can be an assurance that you're complying. If you're unclear about any of the bail conditions, consult your bail bonds agent.