Five Festive Christmas Wedding Ideas You'll Love

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If you've always been the type to stray from the beaten path and color outside of the lines, you may be considering opting out of a traditional June wedding and getting married during the winter holiday season instead. Christmas weddings can be ethereally romantic, so don't be afraid to incorporate the spirit of the season into your wedding decor. Following are five festive Christmas wedding ideas designed to provide you with inspiration for your upcoming celebration. 

Infuse Your Bridal Bouquet With Christmas Spirit

Instead of a traditional floral bouquet, give a nod to the season by including holly, evergreen bows, cranberry branches with bright red berries, and other seasonal favorites. Poinsettia bracts also make a stunning seasonal statement in a bride's bouquet, and for a whimsical note, add a few candy canes. Seasonal flowers to include in a winter wedding include lily-of-the-valley, camellia, and paper white narcissus. 

Play Christmas Music at the Reception

Classic Christmas carols make a lovely addition to any holiday wedding playlist, but don't forget to mix them up with other seasonal selections. Ella Fitzgerald's White Christmas, Frank Sinatra's Let It Snow, and Nat King Cole's Silent Night are 20th century classics that never fail to please. Your DJ can provide suggestions for other Christmas songs depending on the average age and preferences of those who will be in attendance. 

Share Your First Kiss as Husband and Wife Under a Sprig of Mistletoe

Sharing your first kiss after the minister pronounces you husband and wife under a sprig of mistletoe provides a delightful touch at a Christmas wedding. If you include one in your bridal bouquet, all you have to do is slip it loose and hold it over your husband's head. 

Serve Eggnog With a Modern Twist

Eggnog is a quintessential Christmas beverage that almost everyone adores, but consider giving it an upgrade for an extra layer of Yuletide elegance. For instance, you can add creme de cacao and creme de menthe for over-the-top delicious accents or lighten it up by using milk instead of classic cream. Don't forget to provide an alcohol-free version for designated drivers and the under-21 crowd. 

Don't Skimp on the Stars

It's almost impossible to go overboard with twinkling stars when it comes to Christmas wedding decor. Wholesale clip-on star lights provide an excellent way to provide your wedding and reception with a super-romantic ambiance. Star lights come in all colors, so choose dreamy white for pure, mystical magic or mix up the colors for a more vibrant effect.