The Right Way To Run A Church Capital Campaign

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When a church needs money to expand, one of the best ways they can raise the money is through a capital campaign. Church capital campaigns can be an effective way to raise money for any type of expansion; however, capital campaigns can be huge flops if they are not handled properly. If your church wants to build a new sanctuary or put an addition on, here are several tips to help you run an effective capital campaign to raise money for this.

Understand What a Capital Campaign Is 

A capital campaign is an event used by a church to raise money for expansions. During a capital campaign, a church asks the members to consider donating money to this event over a course of a certain amount of time. The money pledged is used directly for the expansions, and this money is on top of regular tithing and giving by the church members.

Hire a Company for Help

While it will cost you extra money to hire a company for help with your capital campaign, you will have a much better chance of the campaign being successful if you have an expert helping you with this. A company that specializes in capital campaigns will walk you through the steps required in the process, and this will help ensure that the campaign runs smoothly and effectively.

Create a Clear Plan that Makes Sense

Next, you will need to develop a clear plan that will make sense to the congregation of your church. If they cannot see a need for the expansion, or if the expansion seems useless, frivolous, or confusing, the members of your church may have a hard time taking part in it. Your plan should consist of presenting the blueprints to the church as well as the timeline and budget of the expansion.

Focus on Keeping Unity Within the Church

The other huge factor that could cause problems with this is failing to focus on unity within the church. When a couple builds a house together, it can create a lot of tension in the marriage, and the same is true when a church undergoes a major project like this. The members of the church can become angry, frustrated, and divided, and this is the last thing a church needs when they are expanding. To avoid this, you will need to set up a team that focuses on keeping the church members united through this project, as this is one of the most important things to focus on during a capital campaign.

If your church would like more information about capital campaigns, contact a company that specializes in church capital campaign projects.