Fire Safety For Your Business: What You Can Do To Keep Your Employees Safe

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If you run a business with dozens of different employees working on various projects throughout the building, you should keep their safety in mind by taking precautionary measures to protect them from potential fires. Because fires can occur at random, knowing what to do and how to react in advance could save you some valuable time while helping people get out of the building at a faster pace.

Have an Escape Plan

When your goal is to keep people safe in the event that a fire breaks out, you should always have an escape plan put in place. The plan should include details on what steps individuals should take to safely evacuate the building without causing massive panic and delays due to heavy foot traffic in certain stairwells. For example, you may encourage people on the right side of the building to take a separate stairwell that leads to a door at the front or back of the building while encouraging those on the left side of the building to leave from the opposite direction. When creating your escape plan, you should have someone from the fire department come out to assist you in making sure the plan is effective.

Get Fire Extinguishers

Install fire extinguishers throughout the building. You should have at least two fire extinguishers on each floor. These extinguishers could prevent a small fire from spreading, getting worse, and causing a lot of damage to the building while putting the lives of many people at risk. If someone does not have access to a fire extinguisher when a small fire breaks out, they are more than likely going to run out of the room to alert other people about the fire, but that gives the fire more time to spread instead of dying out. As a safety precaution, have your fire extinguishers installed in noticeable areas with instructions on how to properly use them placed right by them.

Get a Good Alarm/Sprinkler System

Just like it helps to have an escape plan and several fire extinguishers available, it makes sense to have fire alarms and sprinkler systems installed. The alarms will make people aware of the presence of smoke and fire, giving them time to evacuate while water begins pouring from the sprinkler system to try to put the fire out. You may already have alarms and sprinklers installed inside the building, but if you do not have them, you should make it a top priority to get them.

Keep your employees protected from potential fires by taking precautionary measures. Have a fire escape plan, make sure there are plenty of fire extinguishers installed throughout the building, and get a good alarm and sprinkler system.

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