Six Mistakes To Avoid With CO2 Growler Use

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Using a CO2 growler to store beer can result in draft-quality beer pours at home. However, it's important to avoid certain mistakes that will detract from the quality of growler beer. 

The following are six mistakes to avoid with CO2 growler use for the freshest and best-tasting beer. 

Leaving the growler open after pouring

After a growler is opened, it's important to close it up again quickly after each pour. When a growler is recapped immediately after each pour, as much CO2 is kept inside as possible. 

Growler beer loses its freshness fastest if the CO2 inside gets out and the exterior air gets in. Therefore, capping the growler quickly is important after each time the growler is opened. 

Failing to clean out a growler

Growler cleanings are important for maintaining freshness inside and getting rid of any beer residue. The simplest and most effective way to clean a growler is to rinse the growler thoroughly with hot water.

After the growler is cleaned, it's important not to put the cap back on while the growler is being stored. Leaving the growler uncapped will ensure that the interior dries out entirely. 

Cleaning out a growler with soap

You shouldn't use soap when you're cleaning a growler. Soap is likely to leave a residue on the interior of the growler that will be hard to get out. Soap residue can warp the taste of the beer stored within the growler. 

Consuming growler beer long after opening

It's important to understand that growler beer is not going to maintain its freshness very long once the growler is first opened.

While initially the beer inside will be kept fresh thanks to the CO2 layer that purges the air within, this CO2 layer will quickly be lost once the growler is opened. Growler beer should be consumed within a few days after opening the growler or the beer will be flat when it is consumed. 

Not sampling before having a growler filled

Those buying an entire growler of beer are committed to consuming a significant quantity of the beer in question. It's always good to sample the beer you're having a growler filled with before purchasing it.

This way, you can make sure you know what you're getting and you'll enjoy it enough to finish an entire growler of it. 

Not filling the growler entirely with liquid beer

A growler should be filled entirely with liquid beer. It's not correct to partially fill a growler container with foam. 

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