3 Factors To Consider When Renting Out A Storage Unit

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If you have a lot of possessions that need a space, then renting a storage unit might be a smart move. These units give you additional room for various items you don't have a current need for. To ensure the storage unit you rent works out long-term, don't forget these factors. 


A huge aspect you'll want to consider right away when searching for a storage unit is location. If you plan on accessing this unit on a regular basis, it helps to choose a storage unit facility that's near your primary residence or work. You'll then be able to save on gas each time you need to get in and out.

Another important thing to consider when choosing an appropriate location is the area of town the storage facility is near. You want to ensure your possessions are secure, and you can feel more confident about this aspect by choosing an area that has a relatively low crime rate.


Today, there is quite a variety of sizes you can select from for storage units. The bigger the unit, the more you'll have to pay each month. So that you don't waste money on storage costs, think about what unit size will work best for your needs.

Start by compiling a list of possessions you plan on storing in the unit. It may help to place these items all in a pile so you have a general idea of the amount of space they take up. Take measurements of this space so that you have a better idea of what unit size to select.

Specialty Features 

Since you're paying your hard-earned money on one of these storage units every month, you want to get the most bang for your buck. You can when you look for storage units that are kept at a specific temperature. Often called climate-controlled units, these spaces give fragile items like documents extra protection throughout the months.

It's also wise to choose a storage unit that's regularly monitored by security cameras. So if something happens to your unit and it's tampered with in any way, security personnel can trace back the video and identify the culprits. Whatever specialty features you're considering, make sure they're worth the investment.

There's no better way to keep unused items protected for an extended period of time than to rent out a storage unit, such as from U-Stor-It. As long as you carefully select this unit, you shouldn't run into any major problems as a renter.