Place Your Loved One's Items In Storage So That You Can Sort Through The Items At Your Leisure

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After a loved one passes, you have the momentous task of deciding what to do with furnishings, clothing, heirlooms, and other items that your family member possessed. Even if you have the best intentions to sort through the items and disperse of them accordingly, it can be overwhelming if you have limited space in your home. Rent a storage unit and get into the habit of regularly looking through the items to help you sort through everything without too much stress. 

Select A Rental Unit

Leave all of the possessions in your loved one's former home until you have secured a rental storage unit. You have the opportunity to choose an outdoor unit that can you can drive right up to or a unit that is located inside of a storage building.

Some units are climate-controlled, and others are not. You shouldn't pass up on climate controlled storage units if you plan on leaving some or all of the items in storage for a while, because damage could occur to materials if they are kept inside of a hot and humid space. 

Seek Help With Moving The Items

Don't take on the task of moving all of the items alone, especially if you are going to be dealing with bulky or heavy pieces or will be required to make multiple trips. It will be much more efficient to move all of the items at once, and this will allow you the chance to place everything inside of the unit in a methodical manner.

If you have some friends who own trucks and who are willing to help, then provide them with an overview of what you need help with. Include details about security straps, covers, and tools if you think these items will be needed prior to transporting the possessions so that everyone is aware of the level of work that needs to be completed.

Don't Feel Overwhelmed By The Sorting Process

After everything is safely secured inside of the unit, give yourself a break. Don't think that you have to make decisions about the possessions immediately or sort through everything within a specific timeframe. As long as you don't mind hanging onto the rental unit for a while, you have plenty of time to complete the sorting task whenever you have some free moments on your hands.

Take your time looking through the items and try to think rationally about all of them. Are the items something that meant a lot to your loved one, or do you remember any of the possessions from the times that you spent visiting your family member?

If specific possessions can be utilized by you or a family member or if any of the items are sentimental in value, then bring some pieces home with you and give others to your family members. As for the rest of the items, donate them to a charity or give them to some friends who will be appreciative to receive them.