Tips For Staging Your Home Now For A Simpler Move Later

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When it comes to moving, staging your home so it is dressed to attract potential buyers can be the key to a quick sale at the highest price. The typical home can look cluttered to those that don't live in it, so a key aspect of home staging is to clear out the excess stuff so the space looks open and inviting to potential buyers. The following tips can help you stage your home in such a way that your later move is also much simpler. 

Rent a storage unit

The key to a successfully staged house is to first clear out as much stuff as possible. While this process will naturally involve a lot of decluttering, there are items you will want to pack away but that you don't want to permanently get rid  of. Instead of stuffing the boxes of things into a basement or garage, consider renting a storage unit. This way you won't have to cram everything into a small space on your property where potential buyers may see it. Plus, you can choose a storage unit near the neighborhood in which you plan to move, so that you'll have less distance to transport items later. If you are moving long distance, you may be able to pack the excess items into a storage pod, which can be transported to your new home later with less fuss.

Pack up everything you won't immediately need

One issue is deciding what to pack up for storage during the staging process. First, know what not to put in storage while your house is on the market. Avoid storing food items, guns and ammunition, and any flammable or hazardous household items like paint or cleaning supplies. As for what you definitely should pack away, start with any seasonal items that you won't be needing until after you have moved. This includes clothing, sports gear, and holiday decorations. Next, pack away highly personalized decorative items as well as any excess decorative items that won't be used in the staging. Finally, pack up any extra furniture or belongings you can live without until your move.

Label for later ease

The last step is to label everything very clearly. Write on each box what room it is to go to after your move. It's also a good idea to tape an inventory of the box contents to the outside. Since you are packing these items at the beginning of the house selling process, it is likely you won't open the boxes for several months. This means you may forget what was inside if you don't label well.

Talk to a self storage facility to rent a unit or to purchase the packing supplies you need to stage successfully.