Creating New Patient Welcome Bags For Your Hospital

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When patients are admitted to the hospital, they can be nervous and even scared. One way to help create a more welcoming and inviting environment is to present your patients with welcome bags. These bags can be filled with a mix of practical and comfort items, and you can brand them with your hospital's name and logo to add a perfect finishing touch. Here are a few promotional products to consider adding to the new patient welcome bags.

Nonskid Socks 

Hospital floors are often slippery, and ensuring patient safety is important. Add slipper socks with non-skid bottoms to help keep patients' feet warm and prevent potential slips and falls. This welcome bag item is great for patients who were not planning an admission ahead of time, as they won't likely come to the hospital with a bag packed with essentials such as socks.

Pill Organizers

Pill organizers are a great way to help patients as they are discharged. The bottles can be used to organize new prescriptions and remind patients when it's time to take their medications after they've left the hospital. These organizer bottles typically have seven or more smaller compartments which can be used to sort the pills for each day of the week. Be sure to take patient needs into account when selecting this type of organizer, as childproof designs are better for patients with small children, while easy-open designs are ideal for older patients with arthritis or mobility issues.

Soap And Lotion Kits

Staying clean and feeling comfortable is important during a hospital stay, and one way you can help patients with this is to include a soap and lotion kit. Choose gentle cleansers and lotion products, such as those intended for infants, to avoid skin irritation. Include a soft washcloth or washing mitt, which can be used by the patient or nursing staff during bathing times. For pediatric units, consider adding a bath toy for a fun touch.

Coloring Or Puzzle Books

Depending on the age of the patient, consider adding coloring or puzzle books. Crossword puzzle and word finds are great for adults who want to pass the time while in the hospital, and coloring books can be a fun distraction for little ones. Consider choosing coloring books with a hospital theme to make it easier for kids to understand what happens when they are sick or in need of surgery. Be sure to add pens, pencils, and crayons with your hospital logo on them to complete each bag.

There are many other items to consider as well, from first aid kits patients can take home to cozy hooded sweatshirts that can be worn when patients are cold. You can also bundle these items in backpacks or duffel bags, which can be used to bring your patients' personal items home at discharge. Talk to your team of administrators to determine how much you can spend on these bags and create a collection of items that can help patients feel a little bit better about being in the hospital.