Safe Storage Of Firearms In Your Home

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Whether you have sporting firearms or one for home and personal defense, storing them safety is essential. Limiting access to them is not only about keeping them safe from theft or damage, but also about keeping people safe by not allowing children or people without firearm knowledge or training from getting to them. Installing a gun safe in your home is an excellent start. 

Entry Level Storage

If you only own one or two long guns that you use for hunting, a good gun cabinet the locks with a key might be all you need. Make sure that the key is not left in the lock or left where anyone can get access to it. The cabinet is not secure if it is not locked and is easily opened by anyone other than you. While cabinets are not as reliable as gun safes, if you can not afford a safe, it is an excellent place to start and will at least make the point that the firearms inside area not for people to handle. 

Small Safes

If you only own a few firearms, you may not need a large safe to store them in. There are many small safes on the market that allow you to store 4 or 6 rifles and have a shelf for storing your ammunition on as well. The shelf could also be used for handguns or pistols if you have them and these safes are small enough that they could be put in a closet or a room without taking up too much space. Keeping the safe out of site is an excellent way to add a layer of security to it but make sure you can still get to it and open the door okay if you tuck it into a small space. 

Large Safes 

While it is possible to buy a large safe that will hold many firearms, they start to get heavy and hard to move when they get larger. The floor where the safe is going may need reinforcement if you are going with a large gun safe, but if you have an extensive collection of firearms, you may need the larger capacity to hold all your firearms, ammo, and accessories. Check with the manufacturer about the weight and special requirements if you are purchasing a large gun safe for your home.

Rapid Access

If you have a handgun that you want to be able to get to quickly, a small safe with a biometric lock might be a good fit for you. It will only hold one handgun and maybe an extra magazine, but if you are using that firearm for defense of your home, the fast you can get to is, the better. The lock will keep others out, but allow you rapid access when the situation requires action.