Considering A Mezzanine Lift? Use These Suggestions

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If you are making plans for mezzanine construction throughout your facility or already have some mezzanine levels in place, you might want to also consider custom mezzanine lifts. Lifts will enable easier transport of equipment, supplies and personnel than stairs provide. However, when designing and planning for the lifts, you should operate with these suggestions in mind.

Take Measurements

One reason mezzanines work so well in warehouses and industrial facilities is that they use vertical space. Other than small stairways, you don't really need to consider the ground floor space when creating them. However, when planning lifts that will go up and down repeatedly to allow access to the mezzanine level, taking measurements is wise. Know how large you'd like the lifts to be and ensure that having them won't disrupt work on your ground floor because of the space it will occupy.

Check Fire or Hazard Codes

Just as you consulted hazard and fire codes before putting up mezzanines, you'll need to do so again. This is best done before too much planning and design occurs, so that you won't have to scrap any plans when you discover possible code restrictions.

Plan for Future Uses

Your team may already have weight limits in mind, but you should also be considering the future. If your business expands or you have different plans for the mezzanine in the future, the custom lifts you're building now may no longer be appropriate. For that reason, plan your lifts with the future in mind. This may mean increasing the weight each lift can handle, for instance.

Check Slab and Mezzanine Weight Limits

Whatever lift weight limits exist, you must remember not to overload the mezzanines themselves. If you'll be storing more products, for example, it's possible that without intending, you could be putting greater strain on the mezzanines. Double-check and continue respecting mezzanine weight limits and building slab limits as well.

Remember Safety Gates

Just as the mezzanines have likely been outfitted with rails to protect people, you'll also want to have safety gates on all lifts. The safety gates can be made in many custom styles, but ensure gates exist to not only protect people in the lift going up and down, but also to help those on the ground floor walking around.

These suggestions enable your facility to have mezzanine lifts that work well in the space. For increased mezzanine lift safety and efficiency, keep working with professional retailers and manufacturers. Visit a site like for more information.