5 Essential Elements Of Beach-Themed Decor

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You love the beach and want to bring a piece of it home with you, but where do you start? Here are five elements that go great in any room's beach-themed decor. 

1. Color: One of the first things you notice when you walk into a room is the color palette. Color sets the tone of the whole space, and a great color scheme can bring your beach-themed decor to the next level. You should pick colors that remind you of the beach. Using white for foam-capped waves, light brown for the sandy beach, and pale blue for the sea is a popular choice if you are looking for a light, breezy, beach theme. You can choose a heavier palette of storm grey for clouds, navy for water, and red accents if you are thinking of a stormy beach with a lighthouse for inspiration. If a tropical paradise is more your vibe, look for sunny yellows, bright blues for the crystal-clear waters, and vivid green for the palm trees. 

2. Seashells: Seashells are a staple in any beach-themed decor. Shells range from tiny, pea-sized, snail-like shells to hefty conch shells. Shells also come in a variety of colors, from sun-bleached white to soft shades of pink, brown, or green. A retailer that sells tropical or beach-themed decor can usually offer you a wide selection of both real and synthetic seashells. These naturally beautiful relics add interest to any desktop or bookshelf and are great paperweights.  

3.Sand: You can find sand at many home decor shops, and it adds a crucial color and texture to your beach themed room. Many people fill interestingly shaped jars with sand or use sand in a piece of art. However you decide to use it, it will bring you closer to your favorite beach. 

4. Driftwood: Driftwood is a beautiful addition to any room, and you can often buy frames made of driftwood. The smooth, faded look of driftwood contrasts with the rough texture of the sand and seashells and brings harmony into a beach-themed room.

5. Odds and Ends: No beach-themed room would be complete without the personal touch of some odds and ends like rope, sea glass, nets, anchors, or sea creatures. You can put a starfish on the wall, choose an anchor-themed frame, or pick a rope-wrapped vase. These last pieces are easy to find when you look at a retailer who sells beach-themed decor, and they really add the finishing touches to your room.  

To learn more, contact a retailer who sells beach-themed decor.