Why You Should Get Your Boat Clean

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If you have a boat and haven't had it cleaned in a while, chances are that you need to clean it. Your boat is exposed to the harshest of natural elements, and you rely on it to carry you safely across the waves. Keeping your boat squeaky clean may seem simple and trivial, but it can be quite an involved process and is key to keeping your boat in tip-top working condition. Having your boat professionally cleaned can save you time and ensure that it looks and works great throughout the season. 


If your boat is starting to look grimy around the edges, it needs to be detailed to bring back that spiffy look. Boat cleaning services will usually offer detailing that will polish all the little details that make a boat really eye-catching in the marina and out on the water. Detailing might include polishing up fastenings, shining guard rails, washing the windshield, and sometimes touching up the paint job. 


The most important reason to have your boat cleaned regularly is to protect it against oxidation which can lead to full-on rust and, eventually, leaks. A cleaning service can buff, polish, and wax your boat to protect the paint and prevent rusting.

Another challenge is saltwater residue which can be damaging to your boat. A good cleaning can get rid of any hardened saltwater stains your boat might have from sitting in saltwater for long periods of time. 

Keeping Out Bad Smells

Sea and lake water has a tendency to smell fishy, and the last thing that you want is a boat that reeks of fish. Having your boat deep-cleaned after an excursion or fishing trip can help get out that distinctive fish smell.

Since boats are constantly getting wet, any upholstery, carpeting, or fabric can get musty if you don't have it regularly cleaned. Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean your onboard carpets to take out (or avoid) mildew. 

Why a Hire Cleaning Service Instead of DIY? 

If you have a dirty boat, you might want to think about hiring a cleaning service. A boat cleaning service is familiar with cleaning boats, knows the ins and outs of the job and will already have the right products and tools on hand. Cleaning a boat properly can be a lot of work and can be frustrating if you aren't accustomed to it; a cleaning service will save you time and stress.