Things to Consider When Shopping for a Used Freezer for Your Business

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If you are in the market for a freezer for your business, a used stainless steel three-door freezer could be a good option. Buying your freezer used is an excellent way to save some money, but there are some things you need to consider when you are looking at freezers for sale.

Stainless Steel Casing

When you are considering used freezers for a business, stainless steel is ideal because this material is easy to keep clean, but it is important the case is in good shape, or bacteria and germs can get trapped on the surface. When you look at a used stainless steel three-door freezer, go over the outside of the freezer to see if there is damage to the case that may be a problem. 

Dents in the steel are not typically an issue, but any scratch deep enough to cause a low area on the steel can be a concern. When you clean the outside of the freezer, often the cleaning rag can not get into the bottom of the scratch, so a haven for germs is created. 

A freezer with a deep scratch is still usable, but the scratch should be repaired. Often the best way to remove the scratch is to have it sanded or ground out of the metal and then have the entire panel professionally polished to restore the luster of the metal. 

Doors and Seals

Another area of concern on a used stainless steel three-door freezer is the hinges that support each door and the seals on them. Check the hinges and open each door to ensure they work smoothly. If the door sags when it is open, the hinges may be replaced or adjusted. 

The seals around the doors should be checked for cuts, splits, or gaps in the seal that will let air escape when the freezer is closed. The seals on the freezer can be replaced relatively easily, but if you are going to buy the freezer with damaged seals, you may want to negotiate a lower price for the unit. 

Compressor and Fans

If you are looking at a used stainless steel three-door freezer and the owner does not have it running when you arrive, ask them to plug it in. It is important to hear the compressor and fans in the system running, and feel the drop in temperature inside the freezer to ensure it works.

The compressor should come on and run at a reasonable noise level, without grinding or banging noises being heard. Inside the freezer there is a fan, or maybe several depending on the model, that should also come on to circulate the air inside the freezer. Verify these are working and that the freezer gets cold before purchasing it, and if you can, have a technician check it out to determine the condition it is in mechanically.