3 Reasons To Hire A Fence Contractor For Residential Chain Link Fence Installation

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A chain-link fence is a good option for your backyard, especially if you don't want a privacy fence. Chain link fencing keeps your dogs in the yard and keeps your kids safe. It can also improve home security. If you're thinking of getting a fence, it's usually a good idea to hire a professional installer since putting one of these fences in is more difficult than it looks. Here's why you might want a contractor for residential chain-link fence installation.

1. Post Holes Can Be Difficult To Dig

Unless you have soft soil that's easy to dig, you may run into difficulty trying to dig all the post holes you need by hand. A fence contractor usually uses a machine to do the digging to make the work go quickly. You may find that roots or compacted soil make the work extremely frustrating and tiring to do on your own.

Plus, the holes have to be dug to the correct depth and then filled with concrete after the post is sunk. If you're not handy with concrete, you may prefer to leave this job to the pros as well. In addition, the holes have to be spaced properly and placed in a straight line. It may seem easy to dig post holes for a fence, but a lot of work goes into it beyond the labor involved.

2. The Fence Will Sag If Not Installed Properly

The chain-link fence might start sagging if the mesh part of the fence isn't installed properly. A sagging fence is an eyesore and it isn't safe since your pets or kids might get hurt on it. The key to preventing sagging is to get the right tension on the mesh as you pull the mesh across the posts and secure it. This has to be done using tension bands and a tension bar that pulls the chain-link tight and holds it in place.

3. The Fence May Be Difficult To Install On A Hill

Residential chain-link fence installation can be difficult if you have a hilly yard. The posts may need to be closer together and sink to different depths. Chain link fencing is designed to be installed on flat ground since the bottom of the fence needs to be level near the ground.

However, you also want the top of the fence to have an attractive appearance. Your fence installer may install the mesh with a bias cut. This is a way of attaching the chain link to a post so both the top and bottom of the fence create a smooth line and the fence stays attractive even if it is on a slope or hill. 

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